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Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, and is payable online, by cash or by check.

Checks to be made out to  "Splitz Dance Academy" and can be delivered in person, or mailed to ;

P.O Box 2431 Novato CA, USA, 94948

Monthly Rates  (applies to all classes regardless of duration)

1 Class (Per Week)                  $55

2 Classes (Per Week)             $100     

3 Classes (Per Week)             $145

4 Classes (Per Week)             $175

Annual Registration Fee- $40 at the time of Registration (Includes FREE Splitz Dance Academy Shirt & Dance Bag)

Family Discount - $10 Annual registration fee for each additional immediate family member. 10% discount for each additional immediate family member's monthly tuition rates.

Enrollments:  Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.  Classes can be joined at any time except during performance months of May & June.  Tuition will be pro-rated for students joining mid-month. Your place will be held in the selected class(es) once your account balance has been paid.


- TUITION is due on the 1st of each month.

- It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to pay tuition by the 1st of each calendar month. Any tuition paid after the

   5th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.

- A $15 fee is applied for all declined cards, or returned checks.

- No refunds.

- Credit card payments will incurr a small processing fee of 3.5%.

-  NON-CONTINUING students must provide written notification by the end of the calendar month, thereby releasing the

   student from further tuition obligations. This allows students on a waitlist to enroll in class.

- ARRIVAL- Please attempt to arrive 5 minutes early for class so as not to miss important warm ups.

- PICK UP TIME- Out of respect for the instructor and the students participating in the next class please pick your

   dancer up promptly at the end of their class time from inside the studio. Students will not be permitted to leave the

   studio without a parent or guardian present at pick up time.

- TINY TOES CLASSES- If your dancer is at the age where they may require any help at all in the bathroom, please stay

   close-by to ensure you can assist your little dancer at any time during their dance class. The instructor will not be able

   to leave a classroom full of children to help a child with toilet needs.

- CLASS OBSERVATION- Parents are encouraged to attend our “Open Weeks” to sit in on class and watch their

   child. If parents choose to stay at the studio during regular class time, we ask to keep noise level and talking to a

   minimum while class is in progress. Being able to clearly hear the teacher and music helps the children to learn in a

   peaceful and focused environment.

- MAKE UP CLASSES- Students are allowed one free makeup class per calendar month, in any style of dance in the

   appropriate age level.

- CONDUCT- All students and their families are expected to use respectful language and behavior when at the studio.

   This includes the car park area outside of the studio and taking care of the dance studio itself (mirrors, walls, barres

   and flooring)

- DRESS CODE- Students aged 5 and above are expected to adhere to the dress code as much as possible by their

   third week of classes. Please do not wear loose or danglling jewelry and accessories, for your own safety and the safety

   of other dancers. It is recommended to be left at home so as to not have the disappointment of taking it off and

   losing something precious at the studio. Splitz Dance Academy will not be held responsible for any lost items.  Please

   label all dancewear, sweaters and outerwear, bags, drink bottles and inside of all shoes.


- Strictly NO FOOD in the studio. Only water in a bottle with a lid.

- Splitz Dance Academy adheres to a NO CELL PHONE Policy. Students attending class MUST turn off and put away

   cell phones, tablets and all other electronic devices while participating in all classes and events. This includes any

   rest/water breaks.

- PERFORMANCES- An Annual Performance will be given on June 17th, 2017 and all students aged 3 & up are invited to

   participate. Performing in the show is highly encouraged but not mandatory. A minimal performance fee of $25 per

   participant is charged. A costume fee will also be required per class (estimated $65 per costume). All registered

   students participating in the Annual Performance must be current in monthly tuition prior to ticket sales. Any student

   not current in tuition for the referenced dance year will not be able to participate in the show, regardless of any costs

   incurred by student, including but not limited to, performance fees, costume fees, photographs, etc. Prior to the show

   there will be two mandatory show rehearsals (June 11th & 16th, 2017).

- HOLIDAY CLOSURES- Labor Day (9/5), Thanksgiving (11/21-11/26), Winter Break (12/19-1/15), Mid-Winter Break

   (2/20-2/26), Spring Break (4/10-4/16), Summer Break (6/19-9/5).

- PRORATED TUITION- There are no prorated months regardless of holiday closures or breaks. Monthly tuition rates are

   based on year-long classes (10 months), including all scheduled holidays. Paying monthly tuition is simply the years

   tuition divided into more managable installments. There will be between 3-5 classes per month, depending on the

   month. Tuition is prorated if joining mid-month. We closely follow the holiday closure dates of the Novato Unified

   School District so all holiday closures are stated and communicated in advance.

- Any dancer that registers for LYRICAL is required to take at least one other dance technique class of BALLET or JAZZ.

Thank you kindly for respecting these Splitz Dance Academy policies.

We appreciate you working with us to make your child's dance experience a positive one!