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Congratulations on an amazing show yesterday! I loved all of the details that made the show so special. Thank you for teaching our kids to love dance!


I just wanted to write and say thank you for such an amazing celebration of your students and our children. Multiple times, I was near tears thinking about how proud these kiddos must be of all their hard work. And I was definitely teary when our daughter was on stage! Our family had a wonderful time. We'll definitely be enrolling again next year!


The recital was amazing. So fun to hear about your vision for the studio. You have created a beautiful dancing space. Thank you for your energy and love for what you do.


Congratulations on a great show! You did such a fabulous job putting it together, and my daughter had a great time! She really hasn't ever been the type to want to perform, and it was pretty amazing seeing her on stage like that. Dance class has done a lot for her self-confidence. Thank you so much!


You are truly a gift!  My son already asked me to sign him up for the next session!!!


Just wanted to say thank you! My daughter was thrilled to do her first recital and was so confident going in to it!  When she finished on stage, she sat down and said, "Can I get up and do it again?" That is a win for not only us as parents, but for you as a teacher!!!! She was also in awe of the older dancers and said she can't wait to come out and do the final dance someday! Thank you for your patience and kindness. I know it is hard, especially when they are not listening. No matter what is going on, you are so patient and I really appreciate it! Bravo!


First off I want to say what a great experience we had today at the recital! All the dances that we saw were amazing! Thanks again for everything! We look forward to the fall classes!


I don’t think I had a chance to thank you for everything after the performance yesterday. All the kids were great and the show was amazing! You should feel very proud - all the hard work paid off seeing them on the stage yesterday. And how awesome of all the family volunteers to help put on the show. Really impressed with how everything went off without a hitch.

Thank you again for everything!


It was such a pleasure to help backstage at the performance and it was fun getting the kids ready. You have been an inspiration to my daughter. She already has performed two dance shows in the living room since Saturday. You are amazing!!!!


I saw my daughter blossom and grow under your guidance and I am so sure that would not have happened quite the way it did with anyone else!!!! We are so grateful to you!


Congratulations on an amazing show!!!!!!!  I'm so proud of all that you've accomplished for the dance school in this last year!!!  My daughter just loved performing and already can't wait for next year!  Thank you for all that you did!!!  


It was so nice for me to help the kids and everyone else is still talking about how good was the show... even my son said it was okay !! (which coming from him means a lot, since Disney on ice was the "worst thing I've ever seen in my life"!!!) You have started something wonderful with the dance academy and I am sure you will make many kids happy, as you have done with my daughter. We wish you the best for your family and your business and many great shows.


I had so much fun seeing all the magic happen backstage. You are truly an amazing teacher. It showed in all the performances. The smiles on the kiddos faces as they came backstage were priceless. They had lots of fun and were loving every minute of it. Thank you for teaching my daughter how much fun dance can be. She loved your class and can't wait to do Jazz again. Thanks again,


Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful show!  My daughter was a part of another dance recital last year. Your show was head and shoulders above it - in terms of the dance routines, the costumes, the seamless production. When I was tearing up over the opening slide show, I loved the last slide of her doing the splits. Thanks so much again!


Thank you for all of your work with the girls. They did really well.

I'm really proud of my daughter, it was her first dancing performance!


What a wonderful day!!

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passion!! It really showed today... The show was fantastic!!! Our daughter has been on top of the world. In fact, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up-  "Mommy, I want to be Miss. Stefanie!" Amazing! I just hope I can find a good dance studio like yours in our new home after we move!


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Parent Feedback from our 2017 Annual Performance