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Splitz Dance Academy is a family friendly dance studio in Novato that prides itself in using age appropriate & tasteful choreography, music and costumes!  Our goal is to create a nurturing environment for students to have a unique and memorable dance experience.

Our classes promote; Posture, strength, flexibility, correct placement & alignment, grace, cardio fitness, balance, musicality, artistic expression and performance interpretation. 

Dance is not only a fantastic form of excercise and a fun way to release stress, it also teaches great discipline, self confidence, hard work, and persistence to achieve any goal.



Splitz Dance Academy is a proud supporter and registered Studio Activist for Youth Protection Advocates in Dance. We are uniting with Y.P.A.D. to build empowered communities and keep youth happy, healthy and safe in today's dance culture!

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Splitz Dance Academy is a proud member of I.D.E.A.- The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association- whose mission is to protect the reputation of dance by setting a high standard for safe and fair business practices. Making a commitment to ensure all students, regardless of age or skill level are offered high quality dance training. Taking a stand to offer dance education with an emphasis on maintaining age-appropriate movement, music and costuming.